Thalassaki mou Greek folk song with music sheet

Tokyo modal music lab
I’m UEDA, the oriental strings instructor at Tokyo modal music lab.
Today, I’m going to explain a local folk song that will take you to the Aegean Sea in Greece just by listening to it. You can play it on any instrument, including mandolin and guitar.
It’s easy to do.
I’ve also prepared the music sheet below.


Why there are so many irregular rhythm in Eastern Europe and the Balkans

n this region, there is a strange kind of music with odd time signatures.
in folk songs and so on.
Even people who have not received any musical education
Even people with no musical education can sing songs in odd time signatures.
I would guess that many people don’t even know that it counts as seven beats.
I guess there are many people who don’t even know how to count
It’s like they’ve learned it because it’s a part of their daily life.
It’s like they have learned it.

how to practice ?

When you hear the word “modulation,” you may think, “How hard can it be?
You may think it is.
But actually
It’s very easy to count, just by dividing it into 2 and 3 (odd and even).
It’s very easy to count.
In the first place, there is a limit to how many numbers we can recognize at once.
There is a limit to the number of words we can recognize at once.
So, no matter how difficult a phrase is
Just divide it into 2 and 3.


  • 2=Taka 
  • 3 =Takita  

If you look at it this way
The folk song Talassaki mou (Talassaki mou) that I am going to introduce here is
It has an even number of beats plus an odd number of beats.

  • 3+2+2  Takita+Taka+Taka

I’m also more of a humanities person.
I was never very good at math, but…
It’s just a simple division into 2 and 3.
I think anyone can understand this, right?

Thalassa, thalassa, tous Thalassinous,
thalassaki mou    
Mi tous thalassothernis. Thalassonoume 
Ya sena ksimeronoume.          

Rothostamo, rothostamo Na yinese,     
thalassaki mou   
Tin porta tous na renis Thalassaki mou  
Ke fere to poulaki mou. 

Thalassa ki almiro nero,         
Na se ksehaso then boro, Thalassa kialmiro nero. (x2)

Thalassa is the Greek word for sea.
Rose water (rose water)
sprinkled with rose water
There is a phrase
This may be for beauty reasons, but
In the Mediterranean world
Rose distilled water is used to sprinkle on the shrines of saints
In the Mediterranean world, rose distilled water is sometimes sprinkled on the shrines of saints, or used to ward off evil spirits and holy water.

Guitar for Little Children and
and an ancient Greek-Turkish instrument
I tried to play it with the Kemenche (lira), which is an ancestor of the violin. The score is also available for free download.
Please use it.

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