Written by Takayuki Ueda


Rabab ラバーブ

Hi, I'm Ueda, a player of the folk instrument, the rabab. When I was at Berklee College of Music, I majored in guitar, so I've seen some of the best pickers in the world. Based on my years of experience, today I'd like to share with you the fastest way to get better at picking


Classic mode in Ethnic music Classic Music is not only from the West.When you hear the words "ethnic music" or "ethnic instruments," you may have the image that they are inexpensive and cheap, and do not cost hundreds of thousands of yen like Western instruments, but in fact, this is not the case at all.


Hi, I'm Takayuki Ueda from Tokyo modal music lab.I'd like to introduce you to the Rabb, an instrument that allows you to meditate with mindfulnessI'd like to share with you 5 topics about rubberb, a musical instrument that allows you to do mindfulness meditation that will take you to the meditation sound world.😌 1Magical sound