Written by Takayuki Ueda

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Instrments 楽器 Instrument production 楽器制作 Rabab ラバーブ

Tokyo modal music lab aims to Through its approach to the world's traditional musical heritage It is a meeting point for musicians and students and plays a leading role in education in the field of modal music and traditional music in general. Organized Sufi music concerts at Tokyo Camii Turkish cultural center. https://youtu.be/Lh-y4vFxN8Y 2021 The organisation, established with the support of the Agency for Cultural Affairs, is the largest mosque in Japan and a centre of Middle Eastern culture. and the Tokyo camii  dianet Turkish Cultural Centre, the largest mosque in Japan and a source of Middle Eastern culture. Sufi music concerts were held. The video above shows a Mevlana commemorative concert focusing on Sufi music, in which, along with…

Instrments 楽器 Rabab ラバーブ

Hi, I am Ueda from Tokyo modal music lab. I have been working with Rabab for seven years. I have a Rubab class for beginners in Tokyo Japan. for about seven years, and I have a lot of experience in Afghanistan, so I will explain how to choose the best strings based on my experience. Drone  and sympathetic strings need 2 different types of strings. The Afghan classical rabab is Two strings of different characteristics are used, two of the drones are made of copper and one of steal. https://youtube.com/shorts/dcgM2LPAn44 👆The second half of the video tests the difference in sound between copper and steal strings. What do you think? The copper strings have a richer sound with more overtones.…

Rabab ラバーブ Sufism スーフィズム

Why Rabab has something to do with the soul. Subsidised by the Japanese Government's Agency for Cultural Affairs, We asked Professor Nishina of the Open University and Information Course to organize a lecture concert on 26 June 2022 at a mosque in Tokyo, based on data from measurements of Rabab frequencies. The Sound of Rubab contained inaudible high frequencies. 20 kHz is the limit of what the human ear can hear. Experiments have confirmed that the rubber barbs contain far more than the audible range, as much as 100 kHz. ※References2 What does the Rubab have to do with healing? The rubab is not the only folk instrument with high frequencies, but there are many others. What are the effects of…

Rabab ラバーブ

Hi, I'm Ueda, a player of the folk instrument, the rabab. When I was at Berklee College of Music, I majored in guitar, so I've seen some of the best pickers in the world. Based on my years of experience, today I'd like to share with you the fastest way to get better at picking